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Carrier Claims Directory

You can call our office to file a claim or you can file your claim directly with our carriers below.


Claim Phone: 800-945-7461 


Email: NA

Claim Phone:  888-760-9195


Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-359-1000


Claim Phone: 866-272-9267

American Strategic Insurance


Claim Phone: 866-274-5677

Assurant Flood

Claim Phone: 800-654-4895

CNA Insurance

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 877-262-2727


Claim Phone: 800-232-3085

Everest Insurance

Claim Phone: 800-454-5120


Email:  NA

Website: NA

Claim Phone: 866-536-7376

Foremost Insurance

Claim Phone: 800-435-7764 &

Workers Comp: 866-967-5256

Great American Insurance

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-426-9697

Hartford Insurance

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-243-5860

Hartford Steam Boiler

Claim Phone: 888-472-5677 

Liberty Mutual

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-362-0000

Markel Specialty

Claim Phone: 800-362-7535

MetLife Home and Auto

Claim Phone: Personal: 800-854-6011
Business: 855-500-3695 

Midwest Insurance Companies

Claim Phone: 800-293-0616


Claim Phone: 602.678.3548


Email: NA

Claim Phone: David Fuchs:781-332-8601
Claims: 877-248-3455

National General Insurance

Email: NA

Website: NA

Claim Phone: 800-325-1088


Claim Phone: 800-421-3535

Philadelphia Ins Companies

Claim Phone: 800-765-9749 

Progressive Insurance

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-274-4499


Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-332-3226 


Claim Phone: Occidental: 800-780-8423
Fed Nat: 800-293-2532

State Auto

Email: NA

Claim Phone: 800-766-1853

Seneca Insurance

Website: NA

Claim Phone: 800-945-7461 

Southern Insurance (Atlas General)

Email: NA

Website: NA

Claim Phone: 866-722-4995

Texas Mutual

Claim Phone: 800-859-5995

Texas Windstorm Insurance Ass.

Claim Phone: 800-788-8247


Email: none - visit website or call

Claim Phone: Personal: 800-252-4633
Business: 800-238-6225


Email: none - visit website or call

Claim Phone: 844-878-2567


Claim Phone: 877-581-8237

XS Group

Email: none - visit website or call

Claim Phone:  (703) 778-7331